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Job Details: General Manager ("Chief of Staff")

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General Manager ("Chief of Staff")
7 years +
To successfully deliver the next phase of growth, TechInsights must quickly and successfully execute several parallel strategic initiatives. Work must be coordinated and synchronized across departments.

This position will nurture and seek high-performance, fostering a dynamic environment which is conducive to knowledge-sharing and growth opportunities for the entire organization.

As a senior adviser to the CEO, this individual will also interface with the Board of Directors, and other senior representatives of major stakeholder groups. They will enhance communications and strategic decision making across functions and ensures the efficient management and quality of communication to and from the CEO. They will work closely with the SLT to plan, organize, and direct the provision of a comprehensive range of program management services to the CEO and to the Board of Directors.

Necessary Experience:

• Demonstrated change agent capabilities, able to partner with senior leadership to facilitate and drive transformational change
• Understanding of the role culture plays in developing an engaged, high-performing organization
• Team player who can manage multiple tasks and deadlines in a high-pressure environment
• Equally happy working independently or collaborating with colleagues across TechInsights
• Prior program management experience at a senior level

Required Attributes:

• An individual who is comfortable rolling up their sleeves and contributing wherever needed
• Excellent organizational and communication skills
• Ability to translate business strategy into measurable action
• A passion for communication, with the ability to communicate directly and openly
• A demonstrable aptitude for promoting learning and knowledge sharing
• Integrity and ethics combined with professional credibility and accountability to command respect and engender confidence across the organization
• Ability to participate in, and contribute to, a growing team environment
• A healthy dissatisfaction with the Status Quo
• Well organized, with an optimal level of attention to detail
• Ability to effectively work in a high-pressure environment
The initial expectations for this position are to:

• Review current strategic objectives with individual SLT members
• Direct the development and implementation of guidelines, processes and procedures for the oversight, tracking and reporting of all corporate initiatives. Manages the “war room” in support of the senior leadership team.
• Present a consolidated timeline of all initiatives, incorporating the potential risks and opportunities to completion
• Direct the development and implementation of approaches required to enhance the flow of information and direction between the CEO and senior management and across the organization. This could include organizing SLT meetings and quarterly shareholder business reviews
• Coordinate data collection across each function to drive and report on company KPIs

As the role evolves along with TechInsights growth, they will additionally:

• Develop new programs to support initiatives to support the strategic direction of the organization
• Map out future cross-functional business system requirements to align with strategic objectives
• Partner with SLT and the People Team to assess future workforce requirements
• Maintain and communicate SLT SWOT analysis and mitigation plans

The successful candidate in this position will:

• Intimately understand TechInsights’ Strategic and Operational Plan
• Understand the value TechInsights delivers to customers; understanding how customers use TechInsights products in their businesses
• Conceive improved ways in which TechInsights can interact and be inspired around common goals, visions and value served to customers
• Possess proven stakeholder management skills
• Work in lockstep with SLT colleagues to ensure appropriate balance of day-to-day tactical deliverables with strategic initiatives
• Maintain a “Big Picture” view while working through detailed execution of deliverables
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