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Research Scientist
Research and Development
Bachelor's Degree
5 years +
TechInsights has one of the most advanced in-house technical labs in the world with state-of-the-art equipment that enables investigation from “atom-to-system”. To successfully analyze and understand the large volume of data (text, images, databases) we produce we need leading tools, leveraging modern compute resources like Amazon Web Services as well as cutting edge technologies like Machine Learning.

A technically savvy Research Scientist with broad practical experience working with large data sets is needed to help us meet our objectives. Curious, creative and analytical by nature, you will continuously research technologies and techniques, quickly explore potential solutions, rapidly prototype proof-of-concept applications and be able to smoothly hand the technology over to the Software Development teams.
• Collaborate with other cross-functional teams making sure that the challenges they face are well understood
• Gather ideas from background knowledge, scientific journals and publications, industry experts and other technology areas to generate hypothesis for potential solutions
• Rapidly prototype proof-of-concept solutions to quickly identify the most effective ideas
• Apply specific expertise in your role to successfully turns the best ideas into high quality beta applications that can be passed to the software development team for implementation into production software applications


• 5+ years of experience in industry or academic research
• Post-secondary education in computer science, engineering, applied mathematics or related discipline or equivalent experience
• Experience with the following will be considered a strong asset:
o Familiarity with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud compute resources, as well as massively parallel processing using Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)
o Image Processing of very large multi-modal data sets including image distortion correction, warping, morphing, segmentation, stitching and registration
o Object tracking, focus classification, illumination correction
o Machine Learning and neural networks
o Graphs, graph search, and working with very large databases
o Software tools like Matlab, ImageJ, OpenCV, OpenSeaDragon, Python, Java, TensorFlow
• Strong analytical problem diagnosis skills
• Ability to independently find, organize and present information clearly and concisely
• Demonstrated record of learning rapidly and mastering diverse techniques
• Tenacity, persistence, and an inquisitive mindset
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