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Job Details: Senior Process Analyst (Materials Engineer)

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Senior Process Analyst (Materials Engineer)
Master's Degree
more than 10 years
Senior Process Analyst (Materials Engineer)
Permanent Full-time position


The Process Analyst will participate in technical content build projects to support our competitive technical intelligence products as well as campaigns and projects undertaken in support of our intellectual property products and services. The work is largely focused on analysis of devices manufactured with advanced semiconductor process technologies, analyzing and understanding reverse engineering results and providing input into the analysis of patents, reports and benchmarking.

You will provide device research, cooperate with labs to guide reverse engineering analysis, perform technical analysis of RE results, and prepare reports for the clients. In addition, you will review and evaluate patents related to semiconductor technologies as required. As a practiced professional, you bring a good understanding of current advanced CMOS technology and/or advanced memory technology as well as demonstrated knowledge and experience with foundry processes.
• Participate in project scoping calls with the clients and provide technical support during project proposal preparation
• Work closely with TechInsights' technical subject matter expert to define internal technical requirements for memory channel subscriptions builds
• Utilize process integration expertise to analyze state of the art semiconductor devices and provide insight into changes in technology
• Lead process, device and materials analysis related to our technology analysis subscription
• Work closely with other analysts to evaluate reverse engineering results
• Write customer-facing reports to explain analysis; act as a technical verifier for reports prepared by other team members
• Identify new devices and/or processes that merit analysis and assist with the identification of sources for procurement of devices
• Contribute to technology trend analysis, process/materials analysis, research, and documentation

• Engineering degree (Physics, Electrical, Chemical, Materials or equivalent). A master or Ph.D. in engineering is an asset
• 10+ years’ industry experience in semiconductor foundry in at least one of the following areas:
• Process integration used to fabricate CMOS, DRAM, 2D/3D NAND, NOR flash memory
• Fundamental manufacturing processes for advanced CMOS, DRAM, 2D/3D NAND, NOR flash memory
• Fundamental manufacturing processes for emerging memory (ReRAM, ST-MRAM, PCRAM, FeRAM)
• Semiconductor unit process and related equipment including Photolithography, Plasma Etching, Diffusion/CVD/Metal, IIP, CMP and wet cleaning
• In addition to one or more of the above, assets include: manufacturing processes for CIS, MEMS, III-V, BCDMOS, LCD, LED
• Strong analytical skills combined with ability to handle multiple sources of information
• Excellent oral and written English communication and presentation skills
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